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Barnato Park High School is a co-educational school located in Bera, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was built on the site of the mansion that had been designed for Barney Barnato, the mining millionaire.

Barnato Park High School successfully opened its doors in the year 1990 to all races in an attempt to rid South Africa’s education system of the apartheid -driven legislation and also in an attempt to fostering interaction between races which had been kept apart. In 1990 the school started with 250 learners and a staff of 10. Tuition was offered from standard 6 to standard 8. Under the leadership of the principal Mrs. Laura Marcis, the first matriculants in 1992 obtained a pass rate of 88% and in 1993 97%. Also from 1998–2000 a 100% pass rate.



Beatrice Lane, Berea, Johannesburg, Gauteng