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About Beaulieu Preparatory School

A universe of potential.  Our ethos, values and discipline are communicated through our Charters. All pupils and parents are expected to be familiar with, and embrace the spirit of, the Children’s Charter. Each child receives a Children’s Charter which is retained for the duration of his/her stay at Beaulieu Preparatory School. Parents of Grade 0 children are given a Parents’ Charter on the day the children are tested for entry. This Charter helps us to align the values of the home and school. Parents are asked to read and sign the Charter and to return the acknowledgement slip to the school.
Parents of children accepted into Grades 1 to 7 receive a Parents’ Charter with their Orientation Pack. Other Charters detail the roles of Parents, Teachers, PTF and Board of Directors within our school, and these are available upon request.

Junior Prep: Overview

The Junior Preparatory Phase starts in Grade One.  This is the year in which our little ones learn to read and write.  Our Grade Two year consolidates these basic foundation skills and encourages ongoing, cross curricular learning.  Grade Three is the last year in our phase and this is where we prepare our children for the more independent style of teaching and learning in the Senior Phase.

Our classes in Grade One and Grade Two consist of twenty two children per class and this number is increased to twenty four children per class in Grade Three.

The Junior Preparatory phase follows an integrated curriculum.  A hands on approach is encouraged.  The class teachers focus on Mathematics, English, Life Skills, Life Orientation and Multifaith.

The children are also exposed to various specialist subjects.  These are Zulu, Afrikaans, Physical Education, Computer Education, Media, Singing and Art.

Our Grade One and Two children have an Integrated Day Sports programme in which the children are introduced to all the sports that we offer.  Their day starts at 07:30 in the morning and ends at 13:40 in the afternoon.

The Grade Two and Grade Three children are also encouraged to join the choir (known as the Jolly Jammers) or the Orff band.

In Grade Three the children start school at 07:30 in the morning and finish at 13:40.  They are encouraged to choose both sporting and cultural activities from our extensive extra curricular timetable which includes swimming, tennis, cricket, soccer, hockey, netball, softball, athletics, art, drama, choir etc.

The extracurricular programme starts at 14:00 in the afternoon.

Senior Prep: Overview

The Senior Preparatory section of our school is comprised of pupils in Grades 4-7. In order to facilitate the transition from the Junior Preparatory section, our Grade Fours have most of their lessons with their class teachers who closely monitors their academic progress, social development and general well-being.  In the Grade Five year, the pupils are better equipped to change classes for their various subjects. At Beaulieu Preparatory, pupils in Grades 5-7 are divided into different classes for the benefits of differentiated learning in English and Mathematics.  These classes are smaller than their registered classes which optimises learning success.  Our pupils enjoy the benefits of a varied and authentic curriculum which affords opportunities to explore their creative, sporting, cultural, technological and academic talents.

Curriculum Offered
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Percheron Rd, Witpoort (Beaulieu), Midrand, 1684