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At the foot of Table Mountain is without question South Africa’s most beautiful city, Cape Town. Nestled under the mountain is Bishops, founded in 1849 by the newly consecrated Anglican Bishop, Robert Gray, a visionary deeply concerned with the state of public education. It is in pursuit of his vision and through a constant process of growth and development that Bishop Gray’s Diocesan College (better known as Bishops) has continued to flourish over the last century and a half. Today’s Bishops embodies a rich history and tradition which has made it one of the leading independent schools in Southern Africa. We welcome boys from throughout South and Southern Africa, Africa and the world, as we believe that a diversity of backgrounds enriches us and widens our perspectives on life. We are proud of the many achievements of our young men in their adult
lives; of their exceptional contributions to academic, artistic, scientific, sporting, political and public life. Many have risen to become prominent politicians, legendary sportsmen,
corporate executives, acclaimed scientists and inspiring professionals – even one prominent OD who was an astronaut!