A child with good confidence and self-esteem will be able to adapt to life’s many challenges!

We ensure a stimulating, happy environment where our pupils are motivated and enthusiastic about learning.


Our Theme based lesson plans are created and structured to maximize children’s development by integrating Literacy, Science, Social development, Maths, Music & Culture and Physical Education.

We ensure that our lesson plans are interesting, meaningful and stimulating, and of course loads of fun. A lot of Learn through play happens during our day!

We support child-initiated play and exploration – children have access to books, puzzles, educational, as well as Fantasy play materials which stimulates the natural curiosity and interest of the Individual child


The classrooms are well equipped and have access to the playgrounds that provide many opportunities for development, sand play, water activities and games in a small, nurturing environment.


  • Respect for each other and our environment.
  • Healthy Boundaries, both physical and emotional, hereby encouraging respect for ourselves and others.
  • Honesty and integrity .
  • Consideration and Kindness toward others.
  • Teamwork, encouraging involvement from Parents and Caregivers.
  • Believing in ourselves.


Various activities all through the year

  • Orientation and programme starts
  • Assessments – Hearing, Eye screening, Occupational Therapist
  • Easter celebrations, Holiday programme
  • Parents meeting
  • Annual photos
  • Annual sports day
  • Mothersday Celebration
  • Fathers day Celebration
  • Reports sent home
  • Holiday programme
  • School concert & Graduation
  • Enrolments
  • Holiday programme
  • Christmas party
  • Christmas collection for Underprivileged