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  • Boarding School
  • Co-ed
  • Primary School

In a world where the status quo is constantly challenged, Thinking Skills are central to learning at Cowan House; we do not focus on teaching our pupils what to learn, rather on HOW to learn.  A meaningful academic curriculum cannot be static and as an Independent School we enjoy the freedom of choice in our curriculum.  It is designed to evolve and adapt in order to develop our pupils’ ability to think individually, collectively, analytically and creatively.  To be successful in the future, in a world that we do not yet fully grasp, we encourage our pupils to come out of their comfort zone … to not be afraid, to be curious, express their ideas, try new ways of doings things and, allow for mistakes … How else would the light bulb have been invented if Thomas Eddison hadn’t found 10 000 ways that didn’t work!


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