GO-Education will work with your child holistically.

The learning environment is spectrum friendly and pressure free this helps learner’s with high anxiety get the most out of their schooling experience. Each learner’s educational needs will be met by following a curriculum suited to them in an environment that lowers stress, whether it is an Individual Educational Plans (I.E.P). The curriculum is adaptable to the learner’s requirements. Each term I.E.P and curricula will be evaluated and developed along with the learner.

GO-Education provides an integrated schedule of learning through exploration, investigation, and self-reflection.
Every class has a 4:1 ratio with trained educators ensuring your child’s needs are met and in an environment, that lowers stress and spectrum friendly.

Teaching strategies and processes involve learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare your children to live thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society.

Classes are shaped according to their age and curriculum is generated specifically to their abilities and strengths.
Progression will be according to age not academic level, to keep your children with their peers.

School Hours: 8:00 – 14:00
Grade 3 – 9 (will grow organically from grade 3)
School Closes for all public holidays