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  • Co-ed
  • High School
  • Primary School

Greenside High School is unequivocally committed to academic and extra-curricular excellence. Our goal is to enable our pupils to realise their full potential, as well as enhancing their scholastic creativity and problem-solving skills.

Not only do we aim to nurture confidence and self-worth in our young men and women, but also to enable them to distinguish themselves in their intellectual, cultural, sporting and social lives.


Our Vision


The vision of Greenside High School is to produce young men and women who:

  • Have questioning, inquiring, creative minds;
  • are self sufficient and adaptable to change;
  • strive to achieve excellence in terms of their own individual standards;
  • have the high standard of education required to equip them for tertiary education;
  • have some of the practical and entrepreneurial skills which will equip them for life;
  • are able to realise their full potential, able to use technology as a tool for learning; and
  • are able to take their place as well rounded, productive members of society.


Geers Avenue, Greenside, Johannesburg