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  • Speech Therapy

“Only through engaging in the process of play therapy in an accepting, caring relationship can children express and use the totality of their personalities” (Landreth, 1993).
We offer the following services in a safe, warm, caring, confidential, non-judgemental, space.

Play Therapy for children aged 4-11 years who may be experiencing any of the difficulties listed below:
Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Aggression, Overcoming Shyness, Poor Self-Esteem, Parent’s Divorce or Separation, Life Transitions, Grief, Eating or Sleep Difficulties

Counselling, Creative Therapy and Coaching for pre-teen and teenage girls:
Develop confidence, understand yourself and your emotions, manage your stress, set and achieve goals.

Babies in Mind Consultations and Workshops for Moms:
Cope better with the challenges of motherhood, manage baby’s sleeping difficulties, excessive crying,
form a secure bond with your baby.

Groups for Single Mothers and Divorced Moms

Parent Consultations