At Hurly Curly we recognise that every young child is a unique gift. We pledge to nurture these gifts by providing a safe and stimulating environment where each child will delight in learning. Our goal is to generate positive relationships with peers and adults empowering emotional, social and academic growth.


Our school has Biometric (Fingerprint) access system as well as cameras throughout the school. CSS Armed Response and Emergency Medical assistance are a touch of a button away for all emergency situations.

Well equipped

Each classroom is equipped with age appropriate toys and activities planned. This encourages natural learning through play. Our children add their personality to the class by proudly displaying their art and creations.

Registered Nurse

Hurly Curly has a Registered Nurse on site permanently in order to advise and assist our parents as well as dealing with any medical emergencies that may arise. First aid and CPR training for all staff members is refreshed annually.

Home cooked meals

Our menu ensures that nutritious meals are prepared fresh daily. Specific dietary requirements are accommodated with pleasure. Hygiene and a healthy choices are a strong focus for us.

Baby nursery

Our baby Nursery has been planned as a home away from home. Filled with love, affection and highly experienced staff, your baby will blossom through well planned opportunities for play and new experiences.


Our children are allowed to be children and run and play freely. Developing all major muscle groups and confidence through active play.