Starting with excellent distant education

iQA has a strong reputation for academic excellence and purposeful education. We offer various accredited distance learning programmes, including Business Management, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. You can also choose from a range of short courses that promote skills development in a number of disciplines.

It’s easy to learn with iQA

Affordable payment plans so you can manage your educational investment.

Comprehensive input from our committed “village” of qualified lecturers and tutors.

Supported learning to make it easy for you to study in your own circumstances.

Flexible learning experiences so that you can work while studying.

Access to iCAN, iQA’s online learning portal, so you can view course content, check your progress, chat to your tutors and peers, and submit assignments on your phone, tablet, PC, etc.

Key benefits of distance learning at iQA

Fully supported teaching and learning environment to help you pass

No need to attend classes everyday which saves you money

Benefit of being able to work whilst studying at your own pace

Flexible interest free repayment plans

No hidden or additional costs for text books

You will receive everything you need in your pack along with study guides which will guide you through the study material as if you were attending class.

Expanding your world

iQA also boasts an informal curricula through iQ DO LIFE, which explores key improvement areas, like personal budgeting and saving, entrepreneurship, how to start a business in South Africa, employability skills, and social wellbeing. These micro-courses are free, easy to complete online from your phone or computer, and you don’t have to be enrolled to participate. At the end of each course, you’ll earn a DO LIFE Certificate of Achievement to give your CV a boost.


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