KidStart comprises of an early intervention centre, KidStart Plus (one-on-one home tutoring sessions and school facilitation) as well as ongoing training for tutors, parents and teachers. KidStart Junior Academy (Cape Town) specializes in a holistic approach for children between the ages of 18 months to Grade 3.  A pre-school set-up in the morning with a focus on communication, socialization and behavioural coping strategies.  During the afternoons, KidStart children either receive extra support sessions (AIMS – Awareness, Interest, Movement System) or a stimulating after-care program.

We believe in a small child to teacher ratio.  Our classes either have 8-10 kids with 2 teachers or 12-14 with 3 teachers. The children are placed in their prospective class, but our flexible approach allows them to “graduate” to another class, once they show development and interest consistant to the next level of class. We have three different age group classes: 18 months up to 3 years, 3 years up to 5 years and our Gr. R class (5 years up to 6 years).

AIMS (Awareness, Interest, Movement System):
Our Director, Karla Pretorius and her colleague, Nanette Botha have developed an intervention according to the needs of children with specific learning patterns.  Karla and Nanette have done extensive research with adults on the autism spectrum and related disorders to establish a program that is appropriate, accepting and stimulating to increase learning opportunities.

At KidStart we offer:

1.  Pre-school from 8am till 5pm – full day and 8am till 1pm – half day
2.  AIMS (Awareness, Interest, Movement System) extra sessions in the afternoons
3.  Additional Speech therapy and/or Occupational therapy
4.  After-care program
5. KidsSart is a registered Impaq centre, Grade R and Grade 1

1.  Pre-school (8am till 1pm):
CAPS curriculum together with an IEP for each child
Movement program (including yoga, dancing and crossing the midline exercises)
Art program (stress relief and emotional coping strategies)
Concept teaching (executive functioning, inhibition, emotional coping and communication)
Video modeling ( three times per day to increase the use of language and pronunciation

2.  AIMS (throughout the day and during extra support classes):
AIMS is an awareness and interest based intervention that works with children with autism and related disorders to teach concepts, rather than individual skills.  AIMS uses a holistic approach that includes movement breaks continuously throughout the day. Extensive research with the adult community on the autism spectrum and related disorders, has shown that a greater focus needs to be on awareness, interests, movement (and emotional coping strategies) as well as including family support systems.  There are many theories and interventions specifically pertaining to autism, but seeing that the adult autistic community is advocating a change, intervention should be adapted.  AIMS’ philosophy states that if a child is aware, happy and interested, they will be more susceptible to learning.  Our goal is that our children learn the fundamental skills necassary to learn from a group environment, thus shortening “therapy” hours and increasing natural learning styles, through schools and other environments.

3.  Additional Speech therapy and/or Occupational therapy:
At KidStart we work closely with a Speech and Occupational therapist.  If a child should need additional support, we would recommend Speech and/or OT sessions.  This will be for half an hour one on one and 15 minutes within the classroom, to generalize concepts in a group environment.

4.  After-care program:
During the afternoons, the children are divided in a variety of groups and rotate to different “stations”.  The activities at the stations include:
Gross motor activities
Fine motor activities
Art projects
Computer projects
Video modeling
Movement program

KidStart offers different options, to cater for specific needs of children and parents.


2 Erica Street Parow, Cape Town South Africa