At Little 5 Sandton we know that education starts at conception and that the first 1000 days are vital for development and learning. Our parents are welcome to explore our website for tips and techniques regarding this. We strive to provide purposeful play to encourage learning from when the children walk through our doors.

Little 5 Sandton is a brand new nursery school located in central Sandton. Our name stems from South Africa’s Little 5, which consists of the Leopard tortoise, Elephant shrew, Rhinoceros beetle, Ant lion and the Red-billed buffalo weaver. These little guys are affectionately known as Africa’s little heroes on the ground.

Our children are encouraged to move, experience, hear/see, name, understand and use, while learning. The lessons are developmentally appropriate for each child and the playground/garden is an adventure waiting to be discovered. Children have an innate desire for knowledge that is nurtured by Little 5 teachers in a safe loving environment.