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  • Girls Only
  • High School

Parktown High School for Girls, situated in Parkview, offers a very special experience which encourages young women to “Reach for the Stars”. The school is set in quiet, attractive grounds and maintains a healthy balance of tradition, discipline and a progressive approach to contemporary education.

We shall make this a reality by:
Providing a dynamic academic, cultural and sporting curriculum
Creating an awareness of the importance of selfless service to others
Encouraging flexible, critical and creative thinking
Building a powerful synergy of tradition and innovation
Facilitating the journey of personal discovery through participation and stretching beyond the barriers

In all things and at all times:
Honesty and integrity
Respect for self, others and the environment
Faith and spirituality
Courtesy and graciousness
Humility and gratitude

Star of Service
In pursuit of greater things
The Service of the Body
The Service of the Mind
The Service of the Soul
Used in the Service of God
For the Service of Mankind