Our Story

Parkview Pre‐Primary School is over 60 years old. It is run as an independent, non‐profit company, which means all proceeds from fees are used solely for the running and maintenance of the school.

We are a school in the heart of the Parkview Community – we like to think of ourselves as a home away from home and a happy place to come to drop off and collect your child.

We are a Christian‐based school that celebrates diversity, helping our children understand and respect all cultures and religions.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a child learns best through play. Our flexible, play‐based and child‐centered programme offers a varied yet integrated blend of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and creative areas for the total development of the child.

Young children learn by acting and experiencing. We aim to provide an environment that encourages curiosity, exploration and problem solving thereby allowing for individual growth and the development of a positive self‐image.

We try to strike a balance between teacher assisted activities and free play. All in an environment that is caring, loving and accepting.