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  • Co-ed
  • Primary School

About us
Rynfield Primary School officially opened in 1957, with a total of 337 learners and 10 teachers. The original school consisted of the Administration Block, the Hall, Grade 2 Block and the Senior Block, although only the upstairs classrooms were utilised.
No-one could imagine or even dream of how the school was to progress and grow in the years to come.

Our Mission
To create a balanced educational environment in which our learners have the opportunity to achieve their full potential – academically, spiritually, socially and physically.
To be a school of excellence, offering top class facilities, teachers and an environment which is conducive to a positive 21st Century learning experience.
To be a school which embraces a functioning value system and upholds respect for all.
To empower and inspire our learners to lead a life of significance.