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Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of certified youth fitness instructors providing fun and engaging programmes for kids at their schools and in their communities.  We specialise in high quality, FUN exercise and movement experiences that kids LOVE, including Fitness, Dance, Sports and Yoga.
We offer the following programmes, to suit all ages, stages and tastes:
Ages: 18months – 6 years old
1. Fun age-appropriate exercise adventures
2. Future Sports and School Readiness
3. Fundamental motor and ball skills development
4. Key focus on nutrition, safety, hygiene and self-esteem emphasised weekly.
5. Balance, coordination, strength, endurance and much more.
Ages: 6-10 years
1. Action-packed fitness boot camp designed to get children moving
2. Continuous physical activity incorporating endurance, strength, flexibility and motor skill enhancement
3. Obstacle courses and relay races
4. Circuit training and speed and agility drills
5. Team building exercises and character education
Ages: 3+ years
1. Creates healthy, fit and sports-focused stars
2. Improves broad-based skills and sparks an interest in a variety of sports
3. Builds confidence, teamwork and sportsmanship
4. Safe, fun and non-competitive
5. Structured skills drills, coordination, endurance, speed, agility and balance
Ages: 3-6 years
1. Ballet and creative movement focusing on instilling a life-long love of dance
2. Integrated curriculum encouraging posture, poise and grace
3. Introduction to ballet technique and terms
4. Innovative movements for balance and coordination
5. Stimulates imagination and builds confidence
Ages: 3-12 years
1. Fun and funky Hip Hop and Funk Modern dance moves
2. Friendly “dance-offs”
3. Non-stop dance fun to age-appropriate music
4. Core strength, posture, technique and flexibility
5. Builds confidence, coordination and recall and reaction time.
Ages: 3+ years
1. Helping kids channel positive energy by creating a space to practice mindfulness, strength and breathing techniques
2. Develops body awareness
3. Focus on building strength, confidence and concentration
4. Simple yoga poses with songs, props and stories.
5. Direct outlet for stress management and hyperactivity
Classes held in the school environment, as well as privately.
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