Inspired Parenting, presented by Helen Hansen, is an online course for parents of children of all ages.  Helen is the author of ‘Living an Inspiring Life with Young Children’ and has worked with thousands of children for the past 18 years using various methods to inspire her students, such as the Creative Performing Arts and Immersion Learning.  She has a background in Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Development, the Creative Arts and the Birth into Being Method.  Helen has a son whom she home schooled up until the age of 8 years.

•    Are you are finding parenting tough?
•    Is your child going through a rough patch at school or home?
•    Would you like to have a continued inspiring relationship with your child?
•    Would you like to assist your child to develop in both EQ and IQ?
•    Do you want your child, and you, to thrive in life?
If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you, and your child, will benefit from this course.

•    Understanding the child
•    Human behaviour
•    Parent-child relationships
•    Effective communication
•    Conscious discipline

•    It is a 5 week course
•    One module is covered each week
•    You will receive audio and pdf information for each week
•    You will have 7 days to go through the info and do the exercises
•    After 7 days an online conference call is held where you have the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience of the process thus far.  This is a call open to all participants currently on the course but it is not essential.  If you are unable to attend this session it will be recorded for you to listen to at a later date.
•    At the end of each module you will be required to send a one page summary of your applied experience of the relevant module.
•    While there is theory, the aim of this course is to put into practice, into your life, the relevant information.  This will then enable you to get feedback during the conference call on real issues you have.
•    At the end of the 5 weeks you will have the tools to continue parenting through Inspiration. However, should the need arise, Helen Hansen will be available on email for post-course questions.
•    You will receive (72 page E-Book) ‘Living an Inspiring Life with Young Children’ as a gift.