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  • Co-ed
  • Primary School

50 Years of Love & Care

2018 marks our 50th year of existence, it is a celebration of our school and our families pride.
Comfortable, loving and homely school environment
The school is our family pride:

After 50 years in the same family the school is naturally well established and well equipped.

The 3rd generation is currently running the school. The School is currently owned & managed by Mrs Liza Vorster – B Prim Ed 1984 RAU. The 4th generation owner, Crystal, is now 27 years of age and very eager to take up her place one day. She has completed her degree and works at the school on a full time basis.

Experienced and caring staff members

More than 100 years of teaching experience at the school.

The current teachers all together have more than a hundred years of experience at the school all together. 3 of the teachers have been at the school since 1968 including the principal. The staff is wonderful, happy in their work and work together as a team to keep all the little ones happy and secure

Excellent staff – Loving and caring staff members.

Teachers supervise in the afternoons as well – Therefore no aftercare strangers or students to supervise the children.
Teachers are qualified, experienced and well trained
They have attended first aid courses
All keep up to date with the latest ideas by regularly attending courses and workshops
Good parent-teacher communication
Teachers work full days – parents get to know them better.
Parent teacher meetings per year, reports twice yearly.
Member of Randburg Nursery School association
Fully registered with all the relevant authorities
Carefully thought out activities for optimum learning

Teaching curriculum, Reading programmes, Outings, Educational shows & talks done by outside professionals.

Very few nursery schools could boast with…

A Music centre – fully equipped with 2 pianos, 1 keyboard, 150 percussion instruments, xylophones, a huge base drum, instruments from other countries, instruments from the past, homemade instruments etc.

A Multimedia Computer & reading centre with 16 multimedia computers with hundreds of the latest children’s software

Library with about 10 000 books strong

Graeme Smith sport centre – Graeme Smith, our SA Cricket captain, is an ex-pupil of the school. The sport centre has soccer, mini cricket, netball, basketball, gym equipment, trampoline etc

Equipment library with at least 3 sets of “What’s in the square” and “What else is in the square” and much, much more. Enough to fill a whole room up to the ceiling.
Professional help & assistance if needed

Speech therapist
Occupational therapist
School psychologist
Educational psychologist