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Grade 10, 11 and 12 form the foundation for future careers. It is in these critical years that learners make life-impacting choices and develop the aptitude and attitude that will determine their future success. They are knocking on the door of opportunity and at UniHigh we open these doors.

Our open door philosophy influences, not only how we teach learners to identify and maximise their unique talents and skills in opening doors to their future, but also in how we respect each learner as an individual and invite them to honestly engage with us about all issues pertinent to their learning.

UniHigh is registered with the Department of Education as an independent school Reg No GW700400508.
We are also accredited by Umalusi (Council for Quality Assurance in General & Further Education and Training) Accreditation No 16 SCH01 00192.


Little compensates for experience; our administration and teaching staff use their many years educational experience to develop, customise and enhance our teaching methods and our support services to ensure that our learners are well-prepared for success in the future.


We measure our success in terms of our learners’ success. We are committed to helping our learners achieve their personal best.

  • We have smaller classes allowing for more personal attention from teaching staff
  • We monitor learner progress continuously and provide regular and timeous feedback on assessments and performance to both the learner and the parent
  • We have a dedicated resource/research centre to assist learners with internet research and extra study material
  • We have adequate equipment to conduct practical experiments in those subjects that require it
  • We organise regular sporting and social events
  • Our dedicated staff assists and supports learners to ensure their goals are met.


Air-conditioned classrooms, computer studios, a resource centre with internet access, wi-fi freely available on campus, a large canteen and an outdoor learner area are only some of the well-designed and maintained facilities our learners have access to. These, along with the warm welcome of our campus, create the perfect learning environment and experience.