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  • Co-ed
  • High School
  • Primary School

As a school, we set out to develop each child’s natural talents, impart new skills and encourage them to fulfil their potential in all areas – academic,emotional, spiritual and physical. In so doing, we hope to promote the development of well-rounded individuals who are able to both meet life’s challenges and present the world as we know it, with new ones. We recognise the diversity of each child’s abilities and natural talents and therefore endeavour to instil in the child an appreciation of knowledge, culture and a sense of community. This will enable them to meaningfully contribute to the realisation of the values outlined in the South African constitution. We encourage children to realise that they can be victorious. The importance of guiding and directing each child towards his/her goals is paramount. In so doing, we walk within the bounds of PEITHO:
– the leaning of the entire human personality upon God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness.
To summarise, our Vision is to make a positive difference to every learner that attends Victory House.