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Huge potential awaits to be channelled into a successful future.

As a vector our theme has direction and gaining momentum is our aim.

Rocking UP means being there: being where the action is; being at the point where you can be the best you possible under the guidance of your coach or teacher; being where you are needed by your school.

Standing UP for the values which Willowridge espouses:

Pride and Ownership

Fostering a feeling of pride and ownership among ALL stakeholders of the school, viz: students, teachers, parents, past pupils and the general community.  The intention is to encourage a passion for excellence and all round achievement within the school.

Respect, Caring and Affection

We are all once again encouraged to genuinely respect and care for each other, on the basis of revelling in the diversity which makes up the school, to build an all- round educational base.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Engendering an environment where risk-taking is encouraged which empowers pupils to achieve different ambitions on a common basis.

Manning UP This phrase usually refers to accepting responsibility for your actions but this year we would also like to encourage the boys in or school to strive for greater achievement in every aspect of school life.

Bearing UP Accepting the challenges that life has set before us, even when they are hard to bear.  Helping others who are barely bearing up to cope by offering them support.

Cleaning UP Being aware of our environmental responsibilities by cleaning up our school and our immediate surroundings.

Shaping UP Spurning the temptation to accept mediocrity while striving to be achievers, using the talents God gave us to the best of our abilities

Growing  UP Growing toward or arriving at full stature or physical or mental maturity: progressing from childhood toward adulthood.  Merely acting your age.

And by accepting the challenge of UP actualising our vision: of being the most vibrant and successful multicultural, co-educational, English-speaking high school in Tshwane!

Willowridge High is a young school with young ideas and many talented young people who have excelled in an environment which has nurtured enthusiasm, friendship and a pioneering spirit.

We have built this ethos on the lives of four prominent South Africans who were associated with Pretoria East and the early development of the Transvaal. Our four school houses are named after them and our house badges are extracts from their original family crests.