This is the story of Pierre and the beginning of YARDEN

Pierre was only one week old when he suffered deep venous thrombosis and severe intracranial hemorrhage in his brain. This left him with a Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy Impairment as well as Epilepsy. Tests were conducted to determine the cause of the thrombosis and it revealed that Pierre has a blood disorder named Factor V Leiden Trombohilia.  Factor V is the name of a specific gene mutation that results in trombophilia, which is an increased tendency for abnormal blood clots that can block the blood vessels.

Eversince Pierre’s illness, we, as parents, have looked everywhere for a school/day care that would be able to accommodate Pierre but unfortunately without success. For the past eight years Pierre has been taken care of at home by a full-time caregiver.  As a mother of an impaired child it has always been my dream to open a school/centre where children like Pierre can be taken care of.  Threemonths ago I was retrenched and without employment I realized that it was now or never to make my dream a reality.

We propose to open the Centre in January 2015.  The Bergsig Dutch Reformed Church in Durbanville(021-976 4106) has kindly made five Sunday school class rooms available to start the Centre with.

Pierre is Baptized as Pierre Jordaan Cloete. Yarden is the Hebrew word for Jordan.  Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan (Jordaan-Afrikaans).Baptize and Bless go hand-in-hand.  Yarden also means flow down/decent – invoke the divine favor of our Lord Jesus upon the Centre.  Our love, commitment and passion for Pierre will also flow down / decent upon the children in the Centre.  We also hope and pray that by name Pierre’s legacy will continue for many years.