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  • Occupational Therapists
My role in paediatrics?
I use a combination of Neurodevelopmental, sensory integration and sensory motor approaches for individual clients ages 0 – 10. I provide in-depth assessments and treatments for all children referred. My special interest includes neurological and genetic conditions, early intervention, high risk infants and general developmental delays. I am also involved in general and fine motor stimulation groups and educational workshops for teachers on the stimulation of children and classroom support.
• Providing therapy (individual and group therapy) at:- Babbels & Krabbels and Abra-Kedabra Daycare
• Practice address in Stellenberg: Stellenberg Ondersteuning Sentrum on the grounds of the Stellenberg Dutch Reformed Church (on the corner of Mountainview and Edelweiss Road).
• Practice address in Goodwood: Block N7 at N1 City Mews (on the corner of Frans Conradie and Marnus Gerber Drive)
• NICU Cape Gate Medi Clinic
Who are good candidates for treatment?
• General developmental delays
• Gross and fine motor delays
• Sensory integration difficulties
• Neurological conditions such as low muscle tone and Cerebral Palsy
• Genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome
• Mobility difficulties
• Birth injuries or birth defects including Spina Bifida
• High risk babies – low muscle tone, premature births etc.
• Traumatic injuries (brain and spinal cord)
• Children with visual difficulties and hearing impairments
What is my qualification?
• BSc. (UFS) Occupational therapy (2008)
• MSc. (Wits) Occupational therapy in neurosciences for adults and paediatrics (2016)