CEE MEE’s Perfume Lab

The best introduction to creating a perfume. This exclusive journey allows you to be your own perfumer and delve into the fascinating world of scent. The Perfume Lab is a workshop where you discover all the elements of perfumery and get to blend you own one of a kind Eau De Parfum.

This Experience included the following topics:

An introduction to the world of perfumery
Exploring various raw materials, both natural and synthetic, and the classifications of scent families
Understanding the basics of how the perfume pyramid influences the roles of the raw materials in a perfume.
Discovering the use of the Fragrance Wheel and how it is used in the industry today by the world’s leading fragrance houses
The chance to create your own formula, and make your unique 30ml perfume to take home with you using 40+ oils to choose from.

Personalised Pamper Packs

CEE MEE has a variety of skincare and cosmetic products perfect for creating personalised gift sets for bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom, and even the bride to be. The pamper packs give you the opportunity to customise the product offering based on each individual, making it the ideal gift in preparation for the big day.

The cosmetic range includes products such as eyeshadows palettes, foundation, lipsticks, liquid highlighters, nail polish and fragrances. The skincare collection includes sugar and sea sand body scrubs, body lotions. bath soak, French clay masks, and natural glycerine soaps.
For more details of how you can personalise gifts, please contact us directly.

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