Eurosuit Rivonia

Eurosuit has established itself as the leading brand in men’s formal wear hire and sale. Men can choose from a wide selection of dress-suits, frock coats, tuxedos, waistcoats, cravats and a variety of accessories under the expert guidance of one of Eurosuit’s professional consultants. Pageboys, groomsmen, as well as the all-important groom himself, have never had a greater selection of international quality and stylish suits for the most special of all occasions. Eurosuit also has the perfect suit for Matric Dances and formal events. With ten stores located throughout South Africa, Eurosuit is the suiting specialist for every event and every man seeking to step out in suiting style.

Eurosuit and Bride&co make a stunning pair. With a Eurosuit store located conveniently inside every Bride&co store, both women and men can now sort out their suiting and dress needs, in harmony. Matching colour palettes ensures that the entire wedding party can be colour coordinated at Eurosuit and Bride&co; a match truly made in heaven.

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