Janine Korvessis

In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as being extremely outgoing and free-spirited. For the most part, the more wonderfully weird and creative things or people are, the more I adore them. When I love, I love completely, and when I have my heart set on something I pour my soul into achieving it. My kids are my biggest inspiration, they inspire me to work harder through the incredible love I have for them which fuels my drive to provide for them. I am a strong believer in total freedom in self-expression and acceptance of others without judgement i find it very liberating and i have experienced that all of this permeates through to creativity in the workplace…and life in general. Remaining grounded and true to who I am is important, this truth echoes to those around me and basically boils down to…what you see is what you get!

That’s me in a nutshell. Then again I’ve never been one for being placed in a nutshell, or any shell,or box. Especially the box that holds what is deemed acceptable or rather “normal” by society. I think I climbed out of that box into the fresh air a long time ago. I am extremely saddened by the way much of society labels and judges good people due to the way they look, the music they listen to or how they act. There is so much expectation of what a mother should look like, how a professional should present themselves and the stigma placed upon individuals that fall outside this norm is completely unfounded. this is an issue that is very close to my heart. I am a professional business woman who has run a successful company for five years.

My core values are do not let other people define you or limit you. Express yourself and think in ways that make you feel free and happy, never judging others for doing the same. Reflect on the outside, who you really are on the inside, both physically and by your character. Anything else would be deceiving. People have amazing stories, my story is told on my body through the ink and piercings decorating my skin, the decisions I have made, and the energy that defines my personality. I live by the rule, harm no one, do as you will , Tell your story…any way you please…and never let anyone put you in a nutshell.

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