Musallio Africa

Musallio Africa is an African-rooted, global focused boutique that seeks to help people build and strengthen their personal brands.

For your wedding, we seek to reduce the burden related to sartorial issues – that is why we provide you with a free-of-charge styling service (worth thousands!) and ensure that you are not limited to what you see in the store-shelves.

We love dressing up male and females, of all sizes. Forget about using multiple unreliable tailors because we can dress your entire team from the bride, the groomsmen right up to the couple’s parents and siblings! We have you covered whether you have a “simple” request to haute couture.

Our suits, shirts, dresses, shoes, belts, jewellery and bags will help you to make the statement you want to make on that special day, whether it’s a white wedding or a traditional wedding. We have very satisfied clients across the globe and would like to add you to that prestigious list.

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